How does it work?

As part of its policy in favour of sustainable mobility, Annecy local authorities have decided to offer interesting “bicycle” solutions and alternatives to the use of private cars.

Visit Vélonecy

Go to the Vélonecy desk situated at Annecy station, Place de la Gare à Annecy (in the multi transportation hall of Annecy station, opposite the Sibra bus hub).
Preferential tariffs for SNCF train users (departure or arrival : Annecy).

You will also need a cheque or credit card as deposit for your bicycle (250€ for standard and folding bicycles, or 800€ for bicycles with electric assistance).


Choose your bicyle!
Choose your bicyle!

The right bicycle for you:

  • For daily commutes and errands, the standard shaft drive bicycle will make your life easier!
  • Original and practical: opt for a folding bicycle that will follow you everywhere, even on the bus!
  • For rides that include steep hills, the electric bicycle will make a big difference!

See our range of bicycles

Get around easily and quickly throughout the agglomeration!
Get around easily and quickly throughout the agglomeration!

Discover Annecy by bicycle! With more than 120 km of cycle paths and 3500 parking spaces for bikes and bicycles, the town of Annecy places the emphasis on bicycle transportation.
For your daily journeys, for leisurely rides or for shopping… think “bicycle”! For longer rides you can try out our electric bicycles, and for trips that involve taking the bus, opt for a folding bicycle … a bicycle for every need!


Finished? Drop your bicycle off at Vélonecy
Finished? Drop your bicycle off at Vélonecy

Drop off your bicycle at Vélonecy: your deposit will be returned after verification of its condition.
Then, why not take the bus, hop on a train, take a taxi, rent a shared-car from Citélib or if you prefer some exercise, finish your journey on foot!


Trouvez le vélo qui vous convient

Tariff and rental options

Light prices, free services!

Enjoy classic, electric or foldable bicycles starting from 8 € per day and subscribe starting from 25 € per month!

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Advises and safety

Best practices for urban cyclists

Share the road between cars, motorized two-wheelers, bicycles and pedestrians, is learning to live together and respect each other...

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