Why use a bicycle?

In town, bicycles are way ahead!

Urban bicycle transportation is a real solution for mobility as a complement to the bus: ecological, economical, and good for your health!

3 reasons to adopt the bicycle  Vélos autour de Bonlieu

  • 50% of journeys undertaken in Annecy and its suburbs are less than 3 km long. Over such distances, the bicycle is the fastest means of transportation.
  • It takes only 15 minutes to travel 3 km by bicycle… an ideal daily exercise!
  • Silent and pollution free bicycles contribute to the quality of life in town and to the preservation of our environment.

Annecy urban area under the sign of the bicycle:

  • The urban area currently offers 120 km of cycle paths,
  • Parking your bicycle close to your destination is easy and free: thanks to more than 3500 spaces dedicated to bicycles and bikes throughout the area.